Dr. Mrs. Agatha Diden

Dr. Mrs. Agatha Diden (SD1)

My name is Dr Agatha Diden. I am happily married with four wonderful children and I am a living proof that longrich international is the best and pocket friendly business to be part of as i recently became STAR DIRECTOR 1 making me the first medical doctor in Africa to attain that height. I was introduced into this business about two and a half years ago by my Christian son Uche Ezekwe Richard who did not know much at the time which propelled us to seek for help from the number 2 in Africa SD Oluchi Abraham who made countless trips to Asaba to convince us and prepare us to run with the business and it has been a joy ride from then on. Longrich Asaba through me received life and overtime, many who did not believe began to embrace the fact that longrich is real. Some said if Dr Agatha can do it, then it must be good and before long, Asaba opened up for business. A lot have resigned from their jobs to squarely face longrich. See how far we have come today and have even given birth to big names like Charles Tambou and have raised several other big leaders. Countless testimonies have been shared in Asaba by distributors and walk in customers. A vivid case of a young boy who regained his walking ability by using the energy shoe. What of the woman who has been barren for several years and took inn after using longrich sanitary towel. Nutri v pink and blue are not left out as a deteriorating health was restored back using the Nutri rich product. Is it the male and female fertility? or the Arthro superreviver? Or the cordyceps? What about the berry oil?. Amazing products that have brought about amazing results. I am grateful to God for giving me the privilege to come in contact with this amazing platform and helping me build Asaba team. All these success stories would not be possible if our wonderful chairman Xu ZhiWei did not make it possible to partner with the longrich brand and also have unlimited access to longrich amazing products.