Mrs. Udeme Etibensi

Mrs. Udeme Etibensi (SD3)

Udeme Etibensi is a phenomenal entrepreneur with a knack for group motivation and exceptional interpersonal skills that makes her a sought-after team builder. She is seen to be an amazon and a professional coach in a African Multi-Level-marketing landscape and has earned her stripes through a rapid rising career with the renowned Asian MLM platform, Longrich International.

She obtained a first degree in foreign languages (French Major) from the University of Calabar and went further for a master’s degree in the Regis University, Denver, Colorado, USA. She has coached and empowered many to the road of financial freedom through her coaching sessions and workshops. Her exceptional interpersonal skills make her a team builder that trains teams and executives. She has been a part of various programs within Nigeria and across the globe both to train and be trained. She has also championed enterprise boosting programs which she organizes from time to time within and outside her state of residence in Nigeria.

Udeme’s penchant to help restore hope to people give her a large heart and has made her committed to the vision of the World Changers Conference through which she put many entrepreneurs at an advantage.

A mother of two, Udeme values family time and is a dotting mom to her two sons. Udeme Etibensi is a nation builder, a peak performance coach and God lover. She attributes her success in business and life to God almighty and is known to have acknowledged Him for her journey so far.