Meet The Star Directors

Mrs. Titilope Ejimagwa (SD5)

Mrs. Titilope Olubisi Ejimagwa is an experienced businesswoman who has always had an eye for good business. With over 18 years of experience in the business sector, a journey that has taken her across different top companies, Mrs. Ejimagwa has risen to become a pivotal piece in the Longrich Hierarchy. She joined Longrich after having worked for a couple of other business firms and apart from creating more wealth for herself has also helped in placing Longrich on the forefront of business in Africa.

Mrs. Oluchi Abraham (SD4)

Mrs. Oluchi Mfon Abraham is an entrepreneur, business coach/developer, the founder of Team Global Entrepreneurs and a 4 Star Director with Longrich. She majored in Accounting, after which she gathered a work experience spanning 14 years across 3 top banking institutions in Nigeria where she worked in Auditing and Marketing. She obtained her from the University of Nigeria and then proceeded to do her MBA at Regis University, USA.

Mrs. Udeme Etibensi (SD4)

Udeme Etibensi is a phenomenal entrepreneur with a knack for group motivation and exceptional interpersonal skills that makes her a sought-after team builder. She is seen to be an amazon and a professional coach in a African Multi-Level-marketing landscape and has earned her stripes through a rapid rising career with the renowned Asian MLM platform, Longrich International.

She obtained a first degree in foreign languages (French Major) from the University of Calabar and went further for a master’s degree in the Regis University, Denver, Colorado, USA. She has coached and empowered many to the road of financial freedom through her coaching sessions and workshops. Her exceptional interpersonal skills make her a team builder that trains teams and executives. She has been a part of various programs within Nigeria and across the globe both to train and be trained. She has also championed enterprise boosting programs which she organizes from time to time within and outside her state of residence in Nigeria.

Udeme’s penchant to help restore hope to people give her a large heart and has made her committed to the vision of the World Changers Conference through which she put many entrepreneurs at an advantage.

A mother of two, Udeme values family time and is a dotting mom to her two sons. Udeme Etibensi is a nation builder, a peak performance coach and God lover. She attributes her success in business and life to God almighty and is known to have acknowledged Him for her journey so far.

Mr and Mrs Oshofisan (SD3)

Mr and Mrs Seun Oshofisan are a dynamic couple that have reason through the ranks at Longrich due to a tenacious approach to business. They joined the company six years ago and have since developed a strong partnership while recruiting more people to the team and also making profit. They are currently 3 star directors.

Mrs. Inimfon Ubong Colonel (SD3)

Mrs Inimfon Colonel is a Nigerian serial entrepreneur and peak performance coach whose interests spans across logistics, events planning, management and consultancy.Her passion for peak performance and team building prompted her joining Longrich International - a multinational manufacturing company headquartered in China. Mrs Inimfon began her Longrich career as a Gold member in September 2013 and her resilience and passion for excellence has seen her attain the prestigious height of a 3-star Director with Longrich.

Mrs. Hannah Frank Wills-Obong (SD2)

Hannah Frank Wills-Obong is a public servant, Serial Entrepreneur. Married with 3 kids. After getting my fingers burnt by 8 multilevel marketing companies, I joined Longrich in July 2013 and this became my turning point. Over the years, I have qualified for cars and an SUV. I have also been awarded a 25million house fund to build or buy a house. I have also qualified for multiple all-expense paid trips to the USA, UK, Dubai China, South Africa among many others.

Mrs. Rita Akubueze (SD2)

Rita Akubueze has been working as a marketer at longrich for five years. Prior to this, she was a gifted entrepreneur and has employed her trick of the trade in ensuring productivity. She has grown to be a creative and gifted marketer and also a Star Director.

Mr Emmanuel Ejimagwa (SD2)

Engr Emmanuel N Ejimagwa from Arochukwu, Abia State was born precisely at Eleshin street, Obalende, Lagos Island. Had my Primary school education at Iyun Road behind National Stadium and attended Government College Umuahia (Fisher's High School) from class 1 to lower 6 then returned to Lagos. I had my OND and HND in Electrical Electronics Engineering and majored in Electronic/ Telecommunications Engineering at Yaba College of Technology, Yaba. I had mine PCB architectural design nd layout MSC at FUTA, Worked Worldwide Information Systems as the chief Enigneer, and Universal Business Machines as Branch Manager. Currently the CEO IDOM ENGINEERING LTD. Applying experience, dexterity, and honesty in multi level marketing alongside my adorable wife over a decade proved worthwhile with longrich international worldwide. This because of the Chairman's genuine concern to touch lives of hard working distributors. Longrich manufacturing plants' in Nigeria to serve the rest part of Africa and beyond speaks volumes. Longrich is further telling Nigeria that this business is as though starting for real with greater hope for many, especially Nigerian youths. As a 2Star Director, am thrilled and encouraging as many people who hunger for success to come be part of this successful Company.

Mr. Mfon Abraham (SD2)

Mfon Abraham is an Entrepreneur/Business Coach, a 2 Star Director - Longrich Bioscience International. My background is Engineering(Electronics). Work/Business experiences in the ICT, Logistics Management & Operations and Consumer/Household Electronics marketing & sales. I worked in the corporate world for 8 years, but decided to quit as I didn't see the future I desired. Started my own biz in electronics sales and marketing, it was a struggle trying to raise capital and fight the competition in the market to survive with little or no profits after the monthly bills are paid. Five years ago, my wife and I were introduced to the Longrich unique business platform. Even though we'd known about Multi Level Marketing business in the past, we never really took the MLM business serious because we were still focusing on our corporate jobs and conventional businesses. However, a twist of fate in 2013 made us decide to give Multi Level Marketing with the Longrich platform a serious trial and it's turned out to be one of the best decision we've made in life.This amazing biz has completely transformed our lifestyle and most importantly changed our mentality about wealth creation and financial sustenability. It's also enabled us to help so many people discover the path to true financial freedom and healthy life. My personal experience in the past four years of *consistent and focussed work* in our Longrich MLM biz as well as several remarkable testimonies from our partners and comments by notable business leaders around the world has proven that Multi Level Marketing is the *Best Business* of this century, and the *Longrich Bioscience International* is indeed the most Trusted and Reliable Platform to partner with.

Mrs. Ekoriko (SD2)

Mr. David Ejimagwa (SD2)


Mrs. Azuka Azinge (SD2)

Mrs Azuka Azinge was a Director in one of the leading federal government agencies at the beginning of her journey with longrich. Due to her diligence, focus, consistency and hard work, she climbed up the ladder quickly and earned her place as one of our leading partners.

Mrs. Itoro Akpama (SD2)

Itoro Akpama, a former executive at one of Africa's Largest banks is a Child advocate (Certified Family Life Therapist) and a Neurolinguistic Practitioner. She enjoys writing, travelling, theatre and Public Speaking engagements.Trained to work with people in the area of behavioural change, she now fuses financial intelligence and Mentorship to achieve a total package, steering people towards wholesome family life and financial strength. A member of the advisory board for Longrich International, (Star Director) she has grown fruitful teams all across Africa, Europe and the USA. She makes her home in Uyo with her sweetheart and their 3 children.

Mr. Emmanuel Eduru (SD 2)

Emmanuel Eduru holds a Bachelors degree in Economics from Bayero University Kano. He has been in the private sector as a serial entrepreneur and also volunteer to several Non Governmental Organisationboth local and international. A researcher in Public health, activists-Peace and Conflict resolution, currently Financial Secretary of Society of Nigeria Doctors for the Welfare of Mankind-an affiliate of IPPNW(International Physician for the prevention of Nuclear War) 1985 Nobel peace price winner. He has attended and organised several conferences both local and international He has authored 2 papers that have been presented in international conference in Austria University and Stockholm Sweden.(Dec 2004 and Jan 2005) Currently a partner with Longrich and has used the platform to train and empower over 10,000 Entrepreneurs. After 4 years of building the Longrich business with the Caritas investment Group, he has now spread his investment into Real Estate. He is happily married with children

Mrs Chinenye James-Effiong (SD2)

Chinenye James-Effiong is in her mid-thirties. She works at a managerial level in the corporate world, she is also an entrepreneur whose passion is to show people how to create multiple streams of income. Chinenye James-Effiong obtained her first degree in political science from the prestigious Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) in 2004. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Uyo in 2012. She has several other academic and professional certifications to her credit. Her passion for helping others and for team building prompted her joining Longrich International - a multinational manufacturing company headquartered in China three years ago. Her resilience and passion for excellence has seen her attain, aside several other awards, the prestigious height of a 2-STAR DIRECTOR with LONGRICH. A position that qualifies her to sit on the Board of Directors of Longrich International which has given her the opportunity to help more people achieve financial freedom. Chinenye James-Effiong is happily married to MR JAMES EFFIONG and they are blessed with 3 amazing children. .

Mrs. Ogochi Uzomah (SD2)

I am Mrs Ogochi Iwejuo, a Star Director with Longrich Bioscience International. I am a generational influencer, a lifestyle coach and a Realtor. I was a Manager in a Financial Institution. The need to create a plan that will guarantee trans-generational wealth was what made me join Longrich International. I am the CEO of Woodsworth Homes Limited a real estate company that is funded with my earnings from Longrich. I have been able to buy my dream home worth millions of naira in Lekki Lagos. We will launch our first set of terrace duplexes soon. All these were made possible because of my partnership with our great company Longrich Bioscience International. My smart and positive attitude towards business has helped me progress and climp up the ladder speedily. I appreciate my top leaders and my team The Eagles Of Longrich. Focus gets everyone a spot.

Mrs. Ozinna Obasi (SD2)

Mrs. Ozinna Sally Obasi is a personal development coach who has experience in both the corporate sector and entertainment industry. After working as a sales and marketing team coordinator for some time, she decided it was time to venture into business and become her own boss. She partnered with Longrich and steadily grew her business while working her way up the Longrich ladder to become a 2-Star Director. She is also the CEO of Salzina Universal Resources Ltd.

Mrs. Ahaoma Mbadiwe-Maduforo (SD2)

Ahaoma Mbadiwe-Maduforo is a graduate of the prestigious Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO). She studied Industrial Chemistry and is currently a business owner. She is CEO Hadan Integrated Services, a specialized pest control company. She is the Leader of a fast rising global team Called the Globe Takers. She is happily married and a mother to 3 lovely kids. She is a business coach, a trainer and has excellent team building spirit. She is a God lover, a motivational Speaker/Writer and has passion for helping many start small and grow into global entrepreneurs. As a Brand Ambassador with Longrich International, she has successfully coached many to success. She is multiple trip Qualifier, multiple car Awardee and has a knack for raising successful family entrepreneurs. She has affected many families positively via her partnership with Longrich. She is a member board of directors Longrich International and desires to see many lives transformed positively via Longrich platform.

Mrs. Titi Ahmadu (SD1)

Mrs. Titi Ahmadu is an accountant and Star Director 1 in Longrich. Since she joined longrich, she has become a mentor to others and has also improved her leadership skills. in 3 short years, she has become a star director 1 due to her efficiency and hard work.

Mr Chiemeka Obinna Uzoma (SD1)

Mr Chiemeka Obinna Uzoma is the Managing Director of ELM-TECH NIG LTD an I.T. company of repute. Obi is a graduate of Computer Science from the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka. His personality thread of not only to drive sales, but also to help others become more successful, informed his decision to join Longrich bioscience international. Obi has made immense contributions to the development/growth of Longrich business in Nigeria, African and the world at large. He has made tremendous achievements in his partnership with Longrich and he is currently a 1 Star Director of the company. Obi-Rich as he is fondly called by many is happily married with 2 lovely daughters.

Mrs. Magaret Treasure Inniobong (SD1)

Margaret Inniobong is an Educationist - a classroom teacher with the Akwa Ibom State Secondary Education Board. She combines Mathematics and Accounting to drive her life's pursuit. Her deep passion for entrepreneural development got her into different multi-level marketing platforms. In about late-2013, she was introduced into Longrich Bioscience International Company. After a careful evaluation (with conviction) of the Longrich package, she enrolled to start business with the company as a Gold member. In about 12 months of joining the company, Margaret was awarded a Hyundai Elantra car in October 2014. She has won several other awards together with all-expense paid trips to different parts of the world. Today, through hardwork, dogedness, passion, consistency, yieldedness and GRACE towards this business that little beginning has earned her a position in Longrich Bioscience International as a ONE STAR DIRECTOR. .

Mrs. Theresa Ijere (SD1)

My name is THERESA IJERE aka Mama Tess. I joined this wonderful company called LONGRICH on the 17th of July 2013. Prior to this time, I had been an Executive Director of a family insurance brokerage firm. When I lost my husband in December 2011, I was forced to leave the company I had been managing with my late husband. Fears and tears filled my days and nights as I did not know what the future would portend for me and my children. God Almighty in his infinite mercy and kindness directed my footsteps to LONGRICH Bioscience Int'l. LONGRICH became a stepping stone as I embraced it with every strength I could garner. To see myself among the league of Star Directors of LONGRICH is a dream come true. I know this is just the beginning.

Dr. Mrs. Agatha Diden (SD1)

My name is Dr Agatha Diden. I am happily married with four wonderful children and I am a living proof that longrich international is the best and pocket friendly business to be part of as i recently became STAR DIRECTOR 1 making me the first medical doctor in Africa to attain that height. SUCCESS STORY: I was introduced into this business about two and a half years ago by my Christian son Uche Ezekwe Richard who did not know much at the time which propelled us to seek for help from the number 2 in Africa SD Oluchi Abraham who made countless trips to Asaba to convince us and prepare us to run with the business and it has been a joy ride from then on.

Mrs. Onyinye Kate Ezeami (SD1)


Mr. Favour Etibensi (SD1)

Mrs. Emem Ukpong (SD1)

Mrs Emem Mfon Ukpong is a Star director with Longrich international with several laurels. A teacher by Profession. Pastor at Citadel of God's Generation Assembly, Uyo, AKS, Nigeria. Founder Singles' Birthright International. ( a ministry designed to educate young people on relationship) Borned to Bishop E.E.Ette of Mkpok in Eket, AKS, Nigeria. Married to Pastor Mfon Ukpong of Ukpom Ekpene Inuen, Ikono, AKS, Nigeria with four kids. A Graduate of Botany from the University of Calabar, CRS, Nigeria Love music and being simple.

Mr.and Mrs Hyacinth Theresa Uchenwa (SD1)

Mr. and Mrs. Hyacinth Theresa Uchenwa President and Vice President HyTess Global Nigeria Limited, Importers and Exporters of Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Founder Abundant Lifestyle Creators Team of Self Motivated Entrepreneurs. They began her Longrich career in 2012 few weeks after their wedding and their resilience and passion for excellence has helped them attain and finally, the perfect timing is here. On the 7th anniversary of their Journey, they're here as One Star Director of this amazing and generous 33 year old Conglomerate to the Glory of God.

Mrs. Rosemary Owanta (SD1)

Mrs. Rosemary Owanta is an entrepreneur, a 1 Star Director with Longrich. She studied Biochemistry and graduated from the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka, Had her Master’s degree in Business Administration from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. She has worked in the banking sector for over 15 years and served in several Managerial capacity. She is happily married and blessed with children.

Mrs. Emmanuella Eduru (SD1)

Emmanuella Eduru is a Computer statistic graduate from University of Nigeria, Nssuka in Enugu State. Former secondary school teacher until she partnered with Longrich in 2014 through her husband who is also a Star Director with Longrich international. She has been impacting knowledge of the Longrich business model since joining and it has earned her her spot in the company. Ellarich as she is foundly called has achieved all the incentives that the company gives out. Most outstanding in her achievement is duplicating herself in this business to the extent of birthing many millionaires under her team. She is a gospel singer, happily married and based in Lagos

Mr. Charles Tambou (SD1)

My name is Charles Tambou, I am a trainer, coach, entrepreneur and the CEO of Get Ignited International. I am the founder of the Global Bosses Network in Longrich. I love helping get out from where they are to where they want to be. To believe in themselves. I heard about Longrich five years ago, I didn't join them then because I thought it was buying products and selling thing. Until a year ago I had to take a look at it because of the products and the compensation plan. Later discovered that it was not all about selling but sharing! You switch your brand and tell your friends to switch brands😊. I made it to Star Director 1 in 11 months. What propelled me to massive action was the success stories of others... I just believed that if they can do it, I can do it more!!!