Mr. and Mrs. Seun Oshofisan

Mr and Mrs Seun Oshofisan (SD3)

5years ago my wife had severe tooth ache and our neighbour gave my wife the Longrich toothpaste which relieved her of the pain within 48hours. That was the turning point for us.,we were introduced to benefits of partnering with the company by Mrs Titi Ejimagwa ,considering that Longrich could manufacture such a toothpaste, we said yes and embraced the partnership We found out that Longrich was actually a manufacturing company that has existed for 32 years (this is was 6 years ago). A company that exists/sells in over 190 countries , a company that manufactures for a lot of global brands ,(OEM) to brands like Walmart ,carrefour,GSK pharma,Unilever ,..etc. we also got to know that Longrich had 8 R&D centers with over 2000 products being manfctured. All we needed to partner with longrich and share profit was to switch brand . convert our household expenses into a profit generating buisness....a business that would out live us, run on its own, generate regular passive income for us ,a biz that could allow us live the life of our dreams . We also found out that Longrich had products that could help a lot of people cure their terminal ailments ,live health without aide effects. We embraced this biz by buying what we need in our homes,we also bought products needed by friends and family who had ailments or diseases to treat. This automatically kick started our business cos with series of product testimonies we shared, more people joined our team ,more countries...etc We started to generate income weekly (profit share ) as other people used the companies products for their needs. We started to win Cars, all expense paid vacations, Housing funds ,EMBA,University degree scholarship for our children etc. Above all we helped a lot of people also qualify or win all the above,we helped them live the life's of their dreams ...we touched the lives of a lot of people positively and since it's been testimonies galore. We have been able to achieve financial freedom,health freedom,and time freedom . Ain't no stopping us cos we won't stop till we take over the world💪🏻✈🚀 08034550782 Seun 07032145110 Happy