Mr. Charles Tambou

Mr. Charles Tambou (SD1)

My name is Charles Tambou, I am a trainer, coach, entrepreneur and the CEO of Get Ignited International. I am the founder of the Global Bosses Network in Longrich. I love helping get out from where they are to where they want to be. To believe in themselves. I heard about Longrich five years ago, I didn't join them then because I thought it was buying products and selling thing. Until a year ago I had to take a look at it because of the products and the compensation plan. Later discovered that it was not all about selling but sharing! You switch your brand and tell your friends to switch brands😊 I was totally broke before i joined longrich, All the businesses I put my hands on failed and when others children were resuming school September children were at home for three weeks because I didn't have the money to pay. At the same time, I was not okay health wise cause I got involved in a ghastly motor accident that period. Though a statement from my upline, Mrs. Nneka Enwelu kept ringing in my mind... She said "Charles if you put in 10% of your efforts in Longrich you are going to make it." To cut the Long story short, I called her to register my family and I for free cause I wasn't having any money, she did the gold package of N120k for and 9800 for my family and I swung into action. Called up all my friends in the industry majority turned my offer down cause of the past failure they had in other companies. I did no give up. I kept showing the plan. One thing I came to realize was if your subconscious "business blueprint" is not "set" for success, nothing you learn, nothing you know and nothing you do will make much difference. Note: I was broke but not poor. Broke is temporary and poor is permanent If you are determined to achieving anything nothing can stop you. Just believe in yourself!! *In less than two weeks into the business, my financial situation changed, put my children back to school and I qualified for my first all-expenses paid trip to Kenya. In two months, I got to Diamond 5, qualified for my first car N3.5m, Tanzania and Dubai trip and weekly earnings of 5 to 6 figures and in 7 months became a Diamond 7 partner. I am now a Star Director. I made it to Star Director 1 in 11 months. I qualified for N6m Car and China trip (Double slot) and few of my members too qualified. In the last Malaysia trip I had 20 of my team members qualified. What an amazing team! What propelled me to massive action was the success stories of others... I just believed that if they can do it, I can do it more!!!