Mr. Emmanuel Eduru

Mr. Emmanuel Eduru (SD1)

Emmanuel Eduru holds a Bachelors degree in Economics from Bayero University Kano. He has been in the private sector as a serial entrepreneur and also volunteer to several Non Governmental Organisationboth local and international. A researcher in Public health, activists-Peace and Conflict resolution, currently Financial Secretary of Society of Nigeria Doctors for the Welfare of Mankind-an affiliate of IPPNW(International Physician for the prevention of Nuclear War) 1985 Nobel peace price winner. He has attended and organised several conferences both local and international He has authored 2 papers that have been presented in international conference in Austria University and Stockholm Sweden.(Dec 2004 and Jan 2005) Currently a partner with Longrich and has used the platform to train and empower over 10,000 Entrepreneurs. After 4 years of building the Longrich business with the Caritas investment Group, he has now spread his investment into Real Estate.He is happily married with children. My partnership with Longrich began in 2014 through a family friend who persisted. It has been a journey with many things to learn. I started with my house rent because that was the only physical cash in my possession. I have to delay the Landlord for another 3 months to be able to recoup the rent. Fortunately for me then it was a business with product so myself and spouse embarked on an intensive sales drive and sold all product the product after which we did not sell product again rather, we were recommending Longrich product to other interested persons to buy from the company. This gave me the cutting edge little did I know I was constructing a pipeline of income that cannot be vandalised. Within 8months of partnership I was rewarded with an all-expense paid trip to the USA. 3months later I was rewarded with a brand-new car the model of the year 2015. In all these I was on constant weekly earnings that transformed the lifestyle of my family. I signed up all family members and till date they are beneficiaries of this great company. From 2014 till date I have qualified for a lot of all-expenses paid Trip to different part of the world. I have gotten more than 4 cars alone. One most significant thing I discovered that I have touched so many lives in the area of the product efficacy and also financial empowerment. As a Star director I was awarded a N25m housing fund. I have been awarded an EX-MBA programme while another degree scholarship for my child in China.