Mr. Mfom Abraham

Mr. Mfom Abraham (SD2)

Mfon Abraham is an Entrepreneur/Business Coach, a 2Star Director - Longrich Bioscience International. My background is Engineering(Electronics) . Work/Business experiences in the ICT, Logistics Management & Operations and Consumer/Household Electronics marketing & sales. I worked in the corporate world for 8 years, but decided to quit as I didn't see the future I desired. Started my own biz in electronics sales and marketing, it was a struggle trying to raise capital and fight the competition in the market to survive with little or no profits after the monthly bills are paid. Five years ago, my wife and I were introduced to the Longrich unique business platform. Even though we'd known about Multi Level Marketing business in the past, we never really took the MLM business serious because we were still focusing on our corporate jobs and conventional businesses. However, a twist of fate in 2013 made us decide to give Multi Level Marketing with the Longrich platform a serious trial and it's turned out to be one of the best decision we've made in life. This amazing biz has completely transformed our lifestyle and most importantly changed our mentality about wealth creation and financial sustenability. It's also enabled us to help so many people discover the path to true financial freedom and healthy life. My personal experience in the past four years of *consistent and focussed work* in our Longrich MLM biz as well as several remarkable testimonies from our partners and comments by notable business leaders around the world has proven that Multi Level Marketing is the *Best Business* of this century, and the *Longrich Bioscience International* is indeed the most Trusted and Reliable Platform to partner with.