Mrs. Azuka Azinge

Mrs. Azuka Azinge (SD2)

My journey so far with this company has been that of undiluted focus, consistency and hard work. My longrich 3year entrepreneurial journey has been amazing. Before the LONGRICH experience, I had been involved in several other networks like GNLD, Forever living products, Tianshi, swissguard and Ardyss. I abandoned them at different stages because no matter how hard I worked or the number of people I registered, I earned nothing because they all had clauses that frustrated your best efforts. Therefore, I was very reluctant to join “Another one”. Longrich products was my biggest attraction to sign up. The panty liner and tooth paste solved my immediate problems, the results were instant. Longrich changed the narrative of my perception of networking. Results from the products and compensation plan stand this business out like no other. It made prospecting and persuading others to come on board delightful. That’s why I could become a Star Director in just 16 months. It was easier because it had both immediate benefits and long term plan for partners. As a Director in one of the leading Federal Government agencies iat the point of sign up, I was comfortable. Taking this decision is one of the best things that has happened to my family. It has changed the trajectory of our lives both health and wealth wise. We won 5 cars, multiple trips, almost completed a 5 bedroom duplex. My husband a medical doctor started a laundry business to create another income stream. I have supported and still support many relatives and people with financial needs and setting up businesses. A bore hole is presently being dug in my rural village in Anambra State for the church community. The lives of many of my longrich team members /partners have been totally transformed. All these would have been impossible to achieve without longrich. Salary cannot take anyone far. Partnership with longrich has been one of the most exciting experiences in my fifty something years in life. It has widened my horizon and brought many wonderful people my way. I can’t wait to retire and do this full time! For me, it’s Longrich, better life, great future👍🏻 Lady (Barr) Azuka Azinge, SD1