Mrs. Ogochi Uzomah

Mrs. Ogochi Uzomah (SD2)

THIS IS MY STORY I am Mrs Ogochi Uzomah a Star Director in LONGRICH BIOSCIENCE International. I joined LONGRICH February 2013. My entrepreneurial journey in LONGRICH gave birth to WOODSWORTH HOMES LIMITED (Real Estate Solutions). With my weekly earnings, I have been able to invest hugely on Real Estate. We will be launching our first WOODSWORTH HOMES ESTATE next year. My entrepreneurial journey in LONGRICH started making lots of sense when I started earning 7 figures weekly. Making money is not just about how hard you work, if it's so, the brick layers would have been the richest people in the world, but it's all about discovering a brand that rewards amazingly, taking daily positive actions, working smart & having a POSITIVE ATTITUDE/MINDSET. All thanks to my sister Star Director 3 Oluchi Abraham for introducing me to LONGRICH and to our visionary Chairman Mr. Xu Zhiwei who corrected the pitfalls of traditional network marketing through LONGRICH amazing compensation plan which rewards deserving distributors every step of the way.