Mrs. Titilope Olubisi Ejimagwa

Mrs. Titilope Olubisi Ejimagwa, SD4

Multi-level marketing or network marketing is about helping others to grow, its about leveraging on others and growing one’s customer base through people. I have been in the business for almost 18 years. I would say first, my health, I wanted a good health from the products and then good money. I was married for a very long time and had to wait for a long time before having my first child. Some friends suggested native ways but I just did not believe in going to people for help through the traditional means. So I was told that one could have a child in a godly and healthy way without going through the traditional means by using some supplements, which led me to the business.

Also I had a health problem known as grave disease which is not so common in this part of the country and had to wait most of the times for the drug to come from outside the country. Fortunately I was able to get some support to my health by using some of the supplements that I have been involved in. It has also helped in making me ageless. Before joining Longrich Nigeria, I had worked with lots of companies, I started with Noni from where I joined GND, HLP then to Everliving products, Tianshi in 2001 and left in 2004 because they refused to give me my car. And then a few others. I was also with JEL where I made massive money, also in Greenworld where I was no 2 in Africa and now am with Longrich No 1 in Africa.

I can say my experience with Longrich has been so wonderful. It is in the whole world, if you look at the world economy, the biggest business people that have made huge income are the MLM business people. And it’s just unfortunate that most people don’t even consider it. Some people are quiet and are making mega income from the business, some make $80m a week and in Longrich some make up to N100M weekly. And I don’t know any kind of business that can yield such an amount. So people can make good money especially if you work with the right ones because there are some of them that are not yielding much income for its customers. In such platform there are pyramids and only the topmost people that joined first make the money. However, when you join the right one like Longrich, what matters is your speed and not just when you joined.

Longrich, is a multilevel marketing company; it is No 2 in the whole world under the direct selling companies. They are just 8 years in the industry, before now they were one of the top manufacturing companies in China. They are No 1 in Africa and they partner with companies such as : GSK, Unilever and a lot others, Longrich manufactures for these companies. Longrich is into construction, Real estate, Entertainment, Tourism and so many more. I have been to the company in China several times and met with the chairman. It is the only company that has license for MLM from the host country. They got license to start MLM in 2004 and then came into Nigeria afterward, as at today, they are in about 178 countries in the world. So it is expected that we do a research of a company before joining. Nigerians are not so gullible. We are 7 years in Nigeria and have done much, the company will be sending some of us distributors to Europe this year, and some of us were in US last year for an all expenses paid vacation. We take annual trips to China and various other countries. So they make a promise and they keep to it. With Longrich, you become a part owner of the company where members share from the global sales monthly. It is massive and it is the company of tomorrow.

People often ask me about my challenges, first the challenge of finding the right platform can take your time, effort and money. So we should first ask ourselves what exactly are we doing? Is it worth it? Can the company feed me? Can it keep its promise? We should examine these before joining. Secondly you should look at the products, are they what people need on a daily basis? Then the company itself, can people afford to join the company? Can you believe what they say? Are they trading with your money or bringing in their funds? because some companies just trade with people’s money. Then if you are a gossiper in MLM business you may not make it because many people use freedom of speech to destroy others. Most of the time people talk about the nonessentials which is gossip and it applies to people from all over the world. So instead of destroying others, we should build ourselves and the more you do that, the better for you. I do not see all these as challenges but instead as an opportunity. So for people to succeed in this industry they need to learn. When joining Longrich, be sure of what you want to do and ask questions, you don’t need to be envious of others. You need to have a positive mind set and work towards success.