How It Works

The Longrich compensation plan offers associates the opportunity to earn commissions on the sales of products and services. This is an advanced and powerful compensation plan which generously offers greater profitability. It eliminates the pitfalls, setbacks and weakness of traditional network marketing systems. It will propel you towards financial freedom.

The first step to benefiting on this platform is partnering with us on either of these entry levels:

The only requirement to be a distributor is to make a one-time purchase of choice products directly from Longrich at company price. Each product attracts a certain point to it, they are referred to as PV (Product Value). The accumulation of these points determines your entry level. This means that you do not require money to become a distributor in Longrich, rather the points that accrue from your purchase will be used as the currency.

Bonuses You Stand To Gain

Travel Incentives for Diamond 4 and Above

Every year, Longrich holds overseas travel incentive trips wherein longrich bears the expenses of air tickets, land transportation, lodging, boarding and feeding for leaders and outstanding who follow the performance criteria of the company.

Dedicated and diligent longrich partners who qualified for their Longrich car incentive .

From the rank of diamond 4 and above, there are credit for luxurious cars and grand houses which will continue to accrue without expiration is caculated term by term.

Company Advantages