Good morning all, I  visited a former colleague of mine who put to bed 7 months ago........we got talking, I told her about our products.....she was very interested in the panty liner, so aside the gifts (Longrich gifts, I brought for baby, I gave her a pack of the panty liner. This was precisely on the 11th of May, 2018. She called me a week after '18th), she wanted to attend our seminars and on the 19th at the seminar, she registered. Then she gave me this testimony she noticed a warm or burning feel in her stomach on the fourth day of using the panty liner. She felt pressed, and because of the odd feeling, she decided to use her baby's potty, she was shocked when she saw 5 strange lumps. She got a stick, tried to separate the stuff to know what it was...... It was when she called her mother to observe it, that she was told that it was fibroid. Also she noticed that her stomach that looked as though she had another baby on the way was now flat. I had to seek her permission to share this....those of you who were at the Saturday's seminar two Saturday's ago would remember the lady with the baby that was crying


Come and hear what longrich has done again! One of my downlines who calls me her sister and my name sake has picked seed using our wonderful Longrich products; Akaline cup, berry oil, panty liner, pad and Libao. After 7 years of waiting isn’t that wonderful? I could not hold myself, to cut the long story short we are going to have a LONGRICH BABY. To God be the glory. Longrich ♯ Better life ♯ Better future.


I am 44 years old, when obi introduced Longrich Bamboo Soap to me I was already using a lot of Longrich products like the sanitary napkin, panty liner and toothpaste. So when he brought the bamboo soap I also received it in good faith. I had a burn on my face and neck which I have tried to remove with the use of other cosmetic products but it did not go. But I used the bamboo soap just for seven days it cleared all the burns by shrinking it and they fell of my skin like scales and also maintain my natural color. Since then my friends will always say they like my complexion; is like that of a new born baby and I always refer them to use longrich bamboo soap.


Thanks to Uzoma for recommending Longrich professional white toothpaste to me in January 2013. I am 42 years old and have extracted two of my teeth but the pains would not stop so I was sad and helpless when my dentist suggested the third extraction which I vehemently refused. One day in an eatery I heard Uzoma discussing with some people about the paste which I later bought from him. On the first night I used the paste the pains stopped instantly, my gum which has been badly damaged was healed but the one that surprised me most was that the tooth which would have been forcefully removed fell off on its own without pains on a Sunday night as I was eating a plate of rice. I thank God for Longrich for such a wonderful product. I would highly recommend everybody especially those with tooth problems to use Longrich toothpaste.